Meditation can be described as the process that unlocks the door to the world of energies within man. It is a process of alignment between the three lower bodies - the physical, emotional, and mental, (together these bodies form the personality) - to the soul and the higher mind into one conscious relationship. A relationship based on the realization that the soul is the source of "consciousness" in our life. In learning to still the emotions and quiet the mind, occult meditation opens the way for the practitioner to access those states of consciousness which lie beyond the "normal" thinking and feeling levels to which man is accustomed. Ageless Wisdom teaches that when done with proper motivation and technique, occult meditation not only makes available the spiritual resources of life, consciousness, and form; but also puts the meditator in union with the very life principle of all things. The cross, long held as a spiritual symbol, describes another aspect to the alignment process achieved through meditation. The vertical bar depicts the alignment of the various vehicles and charkas within our own constitution. (See diagram 1). The horizontal arms describe the distribution into the three lower worlds of the energies flowing through the central point. The point at which the two arms cross, is man’s distinctive responsibility. This is the true meaning of the symbol of the cross and the exclusive destiny that man fulfills; that of contacting the spiritual worlds and channelling or qualifying that energy into manifestation for the furthering of the evolutionary plan. Man’s responsibility lies at the point where the arms cross.  Man is unique in that he can contact the higher worlds and yet still live in the material world. Mediation facilitates this alignment process – a process also described as the building of the Antahkarana or “rainbow bridge”.

There are many techniques and types of meditations, all depending on the motive, and purpose of the meditator, as well as the state of consciousness of the individual. Let us recall that energy per se is impersonal and the adage that "energy follows thought". It is here that the science of meditation can be thought of as the science of energy flow or relationship. Occult meditation is a means wherein, of consciously directing energy from a higher (spiritual) source for the purpose of creating a specific event or condition. To be sure that one is always contacting the highest source, it is useful to use certain mantrams to assist in the alignment process. One such proven technique is the invocation of the soul itself. By the invoking of the energy of the soul, the student is assured that the energies contacted are of the highest motivation and quality. The soul cannot respond to anything but White Magic, that is, the soul will not respond to any personality demands. The nature of soul is group consciousness. There exists an ancient mantram used specifically to invoke the energies of the soul. It is called the Soul Mantram. By the use of this mantram, the Soul Star, located about six inches above the head, is aroused to an increased state of activity, and caused to intensify its radiation. This Soul Star can be visualized as a tiny whirling sun, radiating its influence in every direction. No meditation work should be done until this mantram as been invoked. Repeat each line with intent and deep conviction, said as if the student was the soul.  Diagram 1 shows the soul star and the chakras aligned along the Antahkarana or “rainbow bridge”.  Diagram 2 shows a meditation group with a “group soul star” formed during a group meditation.  This group soul star can then be linked with other groups around our lighted planet.

Diagram 1

Diagram 2


The following is a typical meditation format. Find a suitable place where you can work with out distraction. Daily regularity is an important facet of meditation. Sit in a straight-backed chair, comfortable and relaxed, yet with the spine erect. With feet flat on the floor, and hands lightly folded in the lap, take several slow, deep, breaths. As you breathe in, visualize the life force, the prana, entering and revitalizing your bodies. Upon exhaling allow any anxieties or distracting thoughts to flow out. At this point say the soul mantram, and, using the creative imagination, visualize the Soul Star as a radiating sun located just above the head. Focus the attention on the soul as a radiant source of energy. This is your real conscious self. Continue to hold "the mind steady in the light" of the soul as you meditate on the seed thought you have selected, such as "let light and love and power restore the plan on earth". Examine the words with the analytical mind and seek to penetrate the real inner meaning of the ideas being considered. Another example of a seed thought may be some universal, spiritual symbol such as the cross or perhaps a candle; or a soul quality such as Love or Patience and so on.

Next, pause for a few moments of refection on the ways and means of working out, or applying in your daily life, the energies and ideas thus contacted.  This is an important step. Finally, as an act of service to humanity, pour out the energies contacted during the meditation.  Do this by saying The Great Invocation. This universal mantram is particularly well suited for use in a group setting.


MEDITATION – Technique

Let us tabulate and review the steps necessary for a successful occult meditation session.







1.        Sit comfortably

2.        Control of breath and body

3.        Still the emotions

4.        Quiet the mind

5.        Invoke the soul by use of the Soul Mantram

6.        Identify with the Soul Star

7.        Contemplate the chosen seed thought

8.        Meditation period

9.        Visualize the work you are willing to do, to manifest these ideas and ideals

10.      Sound The Great Invocation to distribute the energies.


II - Rainbow Bridge - Visualizations


Soul Star, Chakras & Antahkarana

Diagram 3

Stimulating the Central Channel

Diagram 4


Spiritual Shower

Diagram 5

Removing Debris

Diagram 6



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