Rotation is the key word assigned to the Wheel of Fortune. This is closely related to such ideas as spinning, circulation, rolling, whirling, wheeling, etc. What is meant here is that the symbology of this Key refers to the initial whirling motion in the vast expanse of the root substance of the universe which occultists call the Limitless Light. Differentiations of this primary motion cause all changes in form or quality on every plane.

The title refers to the attribution to this Key of the pair of opposites "Wealth and Poverty." The Rewarding Intelligence is attributed to it, and the planet Jupiter, which is called in astrology the Greater Fortune, and is stated to have tremendous influence for prosperity and all benefits when well placed in a horoscope.

The Cherubic emblems (Bull, Lion, Eagle, Man) are the cherubs mentioned in Ezekiel and Revelation. They represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac. The wheel itself is the symbol of the whole cycle of cosmic expression. The yellow serpent, whose movement suggests vibration, represents the involution of the cosmic radiant energy, or. Fohat, into matter. The jackal-headed Hermanubis represents the evolution of consciousness from lower forms to higher. Finally the Sphinx typifies the real Self of Man, having finished its evolutionary journey in this cycle of manifestation.


Name Wheel of Fortune
Key Number 10
Hebrew Letter Kaph
Signification Closed Hand


Note A #
Guematria 20
Astrology Jupiter
Alchemy Tin


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