To this Key is attributed the stage of spiritual unfoldment called Awakening, because it represents the flash of clear vision which reveals to the searcher the true nature of his being which has previously been hidden from him because of the bondage of his consciousness. The tower is the structure of error and ignorance, which is struck by the lightning of Spiritual Comprehension emanating from the central sun of Truth, or Pure Being. The crown which is knocked from the top of the tower is will-power. But it is a false crown, for it represents personal will, which has no existence in reality. Right knowledge begins with the flash of comprehension that reveals to us the true nature of Will, as symbolized in the 9th Key. Hence what is really over-thrown is the delusion that we exist as separate personalities, which delusion is the cause of all human suffering and limitation.

The falling figures are the two modes of personal consciousness, generally called self-consciousness and subconsciousness. The flash of Superconsciousness turns all of our conceptions of personal consciousness upside down and utterly destroys these false conceptions. The 22 Yods represent the 22 basic modes of consciousness symbolized by the 22 TAROT KEYS.


Name The Tower
Key Number 16
Hebrew Letter Peh
Signification Mouth


Note C
Guematria 80
Astrology Mars
Alchemy Iron


Highlights of Tarot  (ISBN 0-938002-02-3) 
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