To this Key is attributed the Intelligence o f Probation, or Trial. This refers to the testing through which every aspirant must pass before he can reach the heights of Initiation. Its object is to determine his temper, or strength. Thus you see that Temperance refers to the act of tempering, or the making of a properly balanced mixture. It has a distinct reference to equilibration, for the Initiate must be perfectly balanced with reference to all of his vehicles. He no longer goes to extremes, but has mastery of the pairs of opposites, because he invariably chooses the middle path between two extreme courses of action.

The rainbow represents the differentiation of light into color by means of water. The angel is androgynous and represents the Higher Self. He wears the symbol of solar energy upon his brow. The seven-pointed star on the breast represents the works of man, because the seven-sided figure cannot be drawn geometrically, but requires the aid of measuring tools. The fire from the torch falls upon an eagle, symbol of water, and the water from the vase falls upon a lion, symbol of fire. Thus we see a representation of the union of opposite forces in opposite directions. The twin mountain peaks are wisdom and understanding, and the crown above them represents the Primal Will.


Name Temperance
Key Number 14
Hebrew Letter Samekh
Signification Prop


Note G #
Guematria 60
Astrology Sagittaruis
Alchemy Fiery


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