The Sun behind the Fool is the very first symbol in TAROT, and a clue to the meaning of all the rest. It represents the Life Power in the simplest and best way we can think about it. In Key 0 it is white, to represent the Spiritual Life Center o f the Universe. In Key 19 it is yellow or golden to represent the particular sun of our solar system. Our sun collects and distributes power impulses which give us our light and life. That is why the Collecting Intelligence is attributed to this Key.

The rays extending from the sun represent radiation (straight and vibration (wavy. The human features indicate that the sun is no inanimate object, but a living, conscious Intelligence. The five sunflowers represent the natural kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal and human. The unopened flower is the next stage of our growth representing the conscious existence beyond our present state. The stage of unfoldment represented by this is Regeneration. Hence the two children represent regenerated humanity, recalling the statement of Christ that we must enter the Kingdom of Heaven as little children. The stone wall represents truth as partially revealed by the senses. It shows that comprehension of Truth is limited if founded solely upon sensory evidence, as in materialistic science.


Name The Sun
Key Number 19
Hebrew Letter Resh
Signification Head


Note D
Guematria 200
Astrology Sun
Alchemy Gold


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