The Hebrew letter Tzaddi signifies a fish-hook. This reference to angling is closely allied to another meaning of this Key; namely, Meditation. What is symbolized by the fish-hook is a means of investigating the unseen, quest, research into the depths of inner consciousness, symbolized by water. Such fishing for inner knowledge is the function of meditation.

The great central Star is the symbol of the Life-Power which is concentrated and radiated from all of the Stars in the Universe. The seven smaller stars refer to seven centers of force in the human organism, called interior stars in western occultism and Chakras by the Hindus. They also refer to the seven planets of astrology. The tree is the brain and nervous system. The bird on its branches is an Ibis, sacred to Hermes. Isis, or Nature, is symbolized by the kneeling woman. Her left leg supports her weight and rests upon the earth, or physical plane. The right leg maintains her balance, and rests upon the waves on the surface of the pool, thus indicating balance attained by control of vibration. The five streams of water are the five senses. Revelation is the stage of unfoldment attributed to Key 17.


Name The Star
Key Number 17
Hebrew Letter Tzaddi
Signification Fish-Hook


Note A #
Guematria 90
Astrology Aquarius
Alchemy Airy


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