Discrimination is the keynote of the 6th Key. Its symbolism graphically portrays sharp differences. The letter Zain means a sword, which is an instrument of cleavage. To this key also is attributed the Disposing Intelligence, and disposing means literally "to pose apart" or to separate. In addition to that the zodiacal sign Gemini is attributed to this Key. Gemini means the Twins and its sign is approximately II. This gives a clue to the occult doctrine that all opposites are really but different aspects of ONE THING, and that they are complementary. The title, The Lovers, brings this out even more graphically.

The Sun is a symbol of enlightenment, and the ONE FORCE which is differentiated into pairs of opposites. The angel represents superconsciousness, and the clouds indicate that this is partly hidden from us at our present stage of conscious unfoldment. The mountain symbolizes attainment. The man and woman are Adam and Eve, or the prototypes of the specialization of the Life-Force as male and female. The tree of 12 flames behind the man represents the signs of the zodiac, and that behind the woman the five senses. The latter carries out the idea of discrimination between opposites, because it bears the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. In addition, the five senses are instruments which enable us to discriminate between one thing and another. The serpent represents the occult force known as Kundalini. See explanation of Key 8.


Name The Lovers
Key Number 6
Hebrew Letter Zain
Signification Sword


Note D
Guematria 7
Astrology Gemini
Alchemy Airy


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