This Key is the center of the Tarot pack. It stands for Equilibrium, Balance, etc., symbolized by the title and the scales. These also symbolize the Hindu doctrine of Karma, which literally means Action or Work. It manifests itself in the form of a Law of Undeviating Justice. This doctrine is expressed in the Judaeo-Christian dictum, "As a man soweth, so shall he also reap." In physics it is stated that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It is the entire appearance of cause-effect.

The two curtains, suggesting duality, represent balance by their symmetrical arrangement. The Throne repeats the pillar and veil symbolism of Key 2. The circle and square on the front of the crown refer to the movement of Spirit within material forms. The sword represents discrimination, which is closely allied to the idea of justice.

Key 11 is the agency through which all of the forces represented by Keys 1 to 10 are transferred to the manifesting powers represented by Keys 12 to 21. This cryptic statement deserves a great deal of thought upon your part. You will be well rewarded for your effort.


Name Justice
Key Number 11
Hebrew Letter Lamed
Signification Ox Goad


Note F #
Guematria 30
Astrology Libra
Alchemy Airy


Highlights of Tarot  (ISBN 0-938002-02-3) 
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