The stage of spiritual unfoldment represented by Key 20 is Realization. It is at this stage that the human consciousness is on the verge of blending with the Universal Consciousness, hence the idea of resurrection, or new birth, in which the limiting factors of this world of name and form represented by the coffins, are put away. That this is accomplished by vibratory activity controlled by the Life-Breath is conveyed by the symbolism of the angel blowing the trumpet.

The cross upon the square banner symbolizes measurement, reasoned conclusions. This relates directly to the title of the card, because correct judgment depends upon right reasoning and the ability to weigh and measure the factors involved. The angel is the True Self. He is surrounded by clouds because the real Self is veiled by appearances caused by the operation of the substance typified by water, of which the clouds are made up.

The icebergs are symbolically similar to the figure in Key 12, since they represent the arresting of the flow of mind-stuff, represented by water. Twelve rays of light represent the zodiacal signs, and the seven rays from the trumpet are the seven planets. The three figures represent self?consciousness (the man), subconconsciousness (the woman), and their product, personality (the child). The flesh of the figures is grey to indicate that they have overcome the pairs of opposites. Grey also symbolizes the astral plane and represents wisdom.


Name Judgement
Key Number 20
Hebrew Letter Shin
Signification Tooth


Note C
Guematria 300
Astrology Pluto
Alchemy Fire


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