The Charioteer is the Inner Self. The sphinxes are the senses. The reins by which he drives them (which you will note are invisible) represent the Mind. The Chariot itself is the body, and it is drawn by the sphinxes. Advancement in occult work depends upon the realization of the facts portrayed in this Key, for it is only when we understand these facts that we allow the real Self to guide our personalities. The Charioteer is a victor; this Key represents the Conquest of Illusion.

The idea of enclosure, protection, etc., is suggested in a number of ways. The Hebrew letter Cheth means fence or palisade. The sign Cancer attributed to Key 7 means Crab, an enclosed crustacean. The Chariot, the armor of the rider, the wall in the background, the battlements and towers are all symbols of the same idea.

The starry canopy represents the celestial forces whose descent into matter is the cause of all manifestation. On the shield in front of the Chariot is the Hindu lingam-yoni, symbolizing the union of opposite forces. Above the shield is a winged globe. The globe is the Sun. The wings represent the alchemical element of Air, which carries the power of the solar rays. The wheels represent rotation, or cyclic activity. The sceptre, a combined crescent and figure 8, symbolizes the combined powers represented in TAROT by the Magician and the High Priestess.


Name The Chariot
Key Number 7
Hebrew Letter Cheth
Signification Fence


Note D #
Guematria 8
Astrology Cancer
Alchemy Watery


Highlights of Tarot  (ISBN 0-938002-02-3) 
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