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This book is about Christ’s imminent return this century. Sword of Shamballa brings new understanding of the Mystery of the Return of Christ. Unveiling new energies at work, it stimulates faith and expectancy that the return is near. Living in a world of energies, we learn how the incoming seventh ray brings new life when old forms are destroyed. Earth life requires adjustment to impending changes that mark evolutionary progress, yet God never leaves humanity helpless.

Sword of Shamballa answers many questions humanity has about the return. Written with a spirit of synthesis, it relates the promises of the Bible with the Wisdom teachings. Discover a new vision for life on earth in the next two thousand years. Experience deeper relationship with the Christ through a new prayer method. Learn how a spiritual organization of Great Ones works with Christ. Observe how numerology reveals the Word of God in a new light. Perceive the incoming seventh-ray energy at work. Find the clues that unlock the greatest mystery of the ages. Especially, your life can be enriched as you prepare for the return of Christ.

Unlike any event in human history, the return of Christ this century will be spectacular. This book presents Christ in a more comprehensive manner than traditional theology. These ideas go beyond what you already know to show a new world unfolding. There is life beyond Armageddon that will be right here on earth. With deep insight and a sense of synthesis, you will learn the truth of the return. You will find new hope and confidence in your life that only Christ can provide. His return will raise life to a new plateau of spiritual livingness. The Risen Christ is the solution for all problems humanity faces. Sword of Shamballa prepares humanity for His return this century.

About the Author

Barbara Domalske is a student, teacher, and writer of the Wisdom teachings. She worked for many years as an educator and school administrator, but always the author’s great interest concerns spiritual subjects. She is an ordained minister and served as church chaplain, spiritual teacher, and Reiki healer. Spiritual studies expanded into becoming a teacher to the world through her writing. The author has written about many spiritual subjects in The Beacon, an international journal of esoteric psychology, that includes articles on “Margaret Fuller, A Forerunner,” “Triangles For A New World,” “Discipleship Responsibility,” and “Three Essentials of a Disciple.” The author serves on the editorial board of Esoteric Quarterly, an international online esoteric journal. “Soul Relationships” was published in the Winter Edition, 2005 of Esoteric Quarterly.

Preview of Sword of Shamballa

     Chapter 2: Imminent Return of Christ

Since the return of Christ is imminently close, it makes us want to learn more about the return. The Tibetan said that there is “recognition everywhere of the imminent return of Christ (if such a phrase can be true of One Who has never left us!) and of the new spiritual opportunities which this event will make possible.”

Christ is truly coming and we wonder how He will appear to us. Will He stay off in the clouds and talk through our hearts and minds or will He be right there in person for us to see? The answer is that He has decided to take a physical body and appear before humanity. He plans to walk among us in person. We already know how that can happen through the Wisdom teachings.

Concerning His physical body we know that Christ will not be born like baby Jesus. Rather, He will create an actual physical body, or a mayavirupa. A mayavirupa is a “vehicle” or body built of physical, astral atomic substance, and concrete mental substance. This can be created by will and disappear by will, which allows for flexibility in reappearing. Especially, He needs a heavy-duty body to withstand the pressures encountered on the dense earth plane. He needs a physical, emotional, and lower mental body to function on the physical plane. This body will carry the appropriate rays of energy for the work ahead.

     Chapter 16: Sword of Shamballa Numerology

Because the return of Christ will change humanity as a whole, we have an opportunity to think in terms of newness and new beginnings. Everyone on earth will be affected by the return, either consciously or unconsciously. The more we understand the Plan of Christ, the more we can cooperate with it. We will begin to perceive the crises in the world as areas needing immediate change. God is moving powerfully across the earth and all humanity is affected whether by hurricanes, earthquakes, or unforeseen events. It will not be easy to shift attention from our personality life to include the new life waiting that is more abundant. However, many are fortunate to grasp the new way now, and to make the necessary adjustments.



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