Chapter I - Introduction


"Let us start our inquiry with certain questions suggested by the work of the first Great modern astronomer and the founder of a new system of celestial orbs, Nicholas Copernicus”.

E.A. Burtt, from the “Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science.” p22


What do Nicholas Copernicus and his new worldview have in common with our esoteric view of the inner world? His announcement that the earth was in fact NOT the center of the universe or even our solar system was met with considerable opposition in his day.  As a matter of fact, although he had written his theory some number of years prior, it was not until he was at the end of his life that he actually presented his work entitled “De Revolutionibus Coelestium Orbium” in 1543 to an unresponsive and almost hostile world.  "No sensible thinker would have abandoned a hoary time tested theory of the universe in favour of a new fangled scheme unless there were important advantages to be gained, ” wrote E.A. Burtt regarding the views held by Copernicus’ contemporaries.

History has provided us with ample evidence as to the accuracy of Copernicus'’ predictions. Now let’s look at his theory from a different perspective. Up until the 16th century the motions of the heavenly bodies could be accounted for by the ancient systems of Ptolemy. The earth was considered by the senses as a massive, stable, immovable substance, and the sun and stars as tenuous and flickering things.  The earth was certainly the center of the known universe, both from physical as well as psychological and theological standpoint.

Why the reluctance to consider this new “radical” astronomical framework as presented by Copernicus? In his highly acclaimed book “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” Gary Zukav speaks of “scientists vigorously fighting the onslaught of new ideas… This is because it is difficult to relinquish the sense of security that comes from a long and rewarding acquaintance with a particular world view." Not one person wanted to accept the notion that the earth revolves around the sun, except Copernicus. Yet when the movements of the planets and other "flickering fires" were plotted using this new premise, suddenly the more subtle behavior patterns of the celestial bodies, heretofore unexplainable were at the command of the new mathematics.

Esoteric tradition states that the personality (the earth) is NOT the center of our "personal solar system", but that in fact the Soul (the sun) occupies this honorary position. And it follows also that as the sun of our small solar system is not at the center of our unfathomable universe; neither is our individual soul the center or ultimate end of the inner cosmic scheme. One can hear the words of the Delphic Oracle ringing through time - “Know Thyself", and begin to feel the depth with which they were spoken.

The following course of instruction will present information, both intellectual and practical, concerning the laws and realities of the inner world of the soul.  It is for many a new framework from which to approach the sometimes mysterious and often confusing everyday world of life and death, of change and growth.


Esoteric Way

Internationally renowned physicist Werner Heisenberg has this to say about change:  "When new groups of phenomena compel changes in the pattern of thought… even the most eminent of physicists find immense difficulties.  For the demand for change in the thought pattern may engender the feeling that the ground is to be pulled from under one's feet..."

Welcome to the world of conscious change...this is the Esoteric Way.

The road will be strewn with worn-out habit patterns, illusions of every description, psychological crutches, and oftentimes-painful lessons on humility.  But with courage and perseverance this steep and rocky road will also be blessed with unending revelation and joy. The path of evolution will guide each and every one to his destiny; this we know and accept.

The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom are like a roadmap to help the weary traveler choose his own course through the maze of worldly energies. By considering the soul life as the source of direction and the initiator of all events in the lower three worlds, (that is - the physical, emotional and mental - the totality of which we call the personality) and all challenges we face in life as opportunities to uncover the hidden plan for our lives our world takes on an expanded purpose and meaning. Just as the scientists of Copernicus' day, when using his new mathematics and celestial premise, found the new theory able to verify and predict events that to this point had eluded their best efforts; so we will find by viewing our inner and outer worlds from this psychological (that is, esoteric - soul oriented) vantage point, we also can come to know our place in the cosmic scheme of things.

Ageless Wisdom suggests we let "the soul control the outer form, and life, and all events".  The form, or vehicle of manifestation of the soul, is what we call the personality.  What is meant by "an integrated personality"?  The integrated personality describes a state of synthesis, achieved when all the three lower vehicles of expression for soul energy, that is: the physical, emotional and mental bodies; are functioning as a unit, under the direct influence of the soul.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You

This statement sums up the essence of Ageless Wisdom.  This instruction will present a modern and practical psychological framework consistent, with the oral and written traditions of the Ancient Mysteries.  This will be done by the presentation of factual information gathered and compiled from various texts and traditions used as source material.

As with any roadmap, it is the traveler himself who chooses which route best suites his needs, and which will guide him ultimately to that place in consciousness where he can "grasp the continuity of revelation, and the vast future or vista of unfolding wonder which, stage by stage, grade by grade, and plane by plane, unfolds before the initiate-consciousness.”  A.A.Bailey, "Rays and the Initiations" p 203.

Since all knowledge comes from within, each must come to a realization of who he is, why he is and eventually to arrive at an understanding of what to do with this awareness of self.

The Esoteric Way entails the comprehension and application of the inner science of applied energy. It explores the known laws, which regulate the evolution of consciousness, working from causal levels; and makes the connections between the esoteric principles and their practical application in daily life.  The definition of an esotericist might be given as  "one who is living that which he knows". This is soul in action; an assumption of impersonality, an individual humbly living according to sensed inner values.


Kahlil Gibran stated this very poetically in his book - “The Prophet”: "LET YOUR DAILY LIFE BE YOUR EXAMPLE AND YOUR RELIGION".

Our intent will be to present the Ageless Wisdom teachings through "study, meditation and service”.  We move from intellectual pursuits to intuitive perceptions to practical application in daily life. The student will in time become aware of the nature of the forces which constitute his personality equipment... for expression in the three worlds...and become sensitive to the impelling energies of the SOUL, emanating from the higher mental levels...and to recognize the conditioning energies in his environment, seeing them not as events or circumstances but as ENERGY IN ACTION, by this means he learns to find his way behind the scene of outer happenings into the world of energy, seeking contact, and qualifying for the bringing about of certain  activities.  Events, circumstances, happenings and physical phenomena of every kind, are simply symbols of what is occurring in the inner worlds.

"Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions." ... 0liver Wendell Holmes

Having accepted the concept as postulated by Copernicus, that we are not the center of the universe the question naturally arises..."where or what is the center of the cosmic scheme of things?”  While scientists are absorbed in the search for the center around which our physical universe revolves, and the nature of the forces controlling the minute building blocks of matter the esotericist is engaged in a search for the center of his psychological being, and to develop an understanding of the laws governing the subjective realities. Perhaps it would be more correct to say the esotericist is developing the ability to IDENTIFY with the center of his being and thus become one with his inner reality.  This principle will be found to be underlying all approaches to psychological change. We cannot alter any state of awareness without changing the inner, or subjective, states of consciousness.  This process continues until we become one with the desired result.

"What does physics have in common with enlightenment? Physics and enlightenment apparently belong to two realms, which are forever separate. Physics belongs to the external world of physical phenomena and enlightenment belongs to the internal world of perceptions." Gary Zukav "Dancing Wu Li Masters".  In order to bridge this challenging crevice, to link two seemingly different realities, we will consider several points.



Firstly, and this follows for any new system of thought, that the words used throughout these lessons should be thought of as symbols only and as such are very limited in their ability to convey the ideas they are attempting to illustrate. For example, the word GOD is used throughout many differing traditions to represent some Ultimate Being. Yet it would be safe to assume that each individual will have his own belief or understanding of that concept. This definition will be based upon the sum total of that person's life experience and his inherited background including national origin, education, as well as, of course, the particular psychological equipment the soul has chosen to express through. So it will be necessary to define our terms as we proceed. We will be speaking within the context of esoteric psychology, a modern framework consistent with the tradition of Ageless Wisdom.

It is written Plato cautioned his students to "define your terms" in order to facilitate meaningful discussion and communication of ideas with one another.

Imagine if the physicist were to attempt to define the inner world of the esotericist in terms of his understanding of the physical laws of the universe such as those presented by elementary particle physics or quantum mechanics.

One can imagine the result would be less than satisfactory from the esotericist's point of view. Likewise the physicist is not happy hearing the "airy fairy" and subjective explanations provided by the scientist of the inner planes. To clarify this point, we are saying that each party has his unique perspective based upon his particular past experiences and learned frame of reference.

The on-going debate between physicists today as to whether an electron is either a wave phenomenon or a particle of "matter" very much emphasises the importance of understanding that our point of view depends not only on where we are viewing from, but the act of viewing can actually change the object being viewed!  Their experiments indicate that it apparently depends on how the electron is viewed, or under what conditions the test is carried out.  In other words the results of observation are dependent on the point of reference of the observer! So it would appear that the observer has become an integral part of the process of any experiment. Current investigations into the heart of atomic structure have forced some leading physicists to consider ideas previously only entertained in the realm of metaphysics.  One can readily accept the notion that to see something light must be present and in fact hit or bounce off the object being viewed (light is used here to refer to any frequency of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum). This sounds simple. And it is - until we enter the microcosmic world of elementary particles. These particles are so minute that even the energy of one photon (a "particle" of light theorized by Einstein) bouncing off will in fact change the state of both the particle and the photon!! As the photon strikes the object adding energy and momentum either the position or the mass (or both) of the object is altered.

In some cases the particle no longer is the same, but actually becomes a different type of particle! Now this is not intended as a course in theoretical physics, and this explanation is somewhat of an oversimplification used to make a point - which is: that material science appears to have reached the limit of visual observation. So in a sense we can never actually view an object in its purest state.  The very act of viewing involves us with the object being viewed – and we both change!  This process creates a new state of consciousness (or awareness). This is one explanation of why the universe is constantly unfolding and ever changing; we are the experiencing mechanism of the Being “Of Whom Naught Can Be Said”.

The esotericist introduces a new requirement (which could be viewed as a limitation or challenge) in our quest for knowledge – we must also be able to rise to the state of consciousness of the idea being experienced.  This is the basis of the idea of learning to “identify” with the soul or other states of being.

But is not experiment in this comparison, just another word for experience.  As we experiment with our lives, our thoughts and our actions - we are gaining valuable life experience.

Electron: a wave or a particle.  Experience - to observe or to be observed? This may be the question the physicist of the twenty-first century will share with the practical esotericist.

Who is the observer, the thinker, and the point of consciousness in our lives?  What process do we use to be the observer and the observed "object" simultaneously?  Can you verify this concept from your own experience?



An esotericist accepts the premise that he can attune to other levels within his being and that by so doing, move beyond the normal psychological states we call mental or emotional.  This is a difficult concept to describe unless the individual has had some personal experience beyond these areas of his constitution. Enter the scientist of the inner worlds.  With his expanded vision and acceptance of the subtle world of subjective energies, and his original premise of the possibility of developing his personal mechanism so as to be able to “attune to” or “identify with” finer, living energies; the energies of consciousness, he is not limited in his ability to observe or experience the most delicate vibratory nature of reality.  So what is required in order to understand the behaviour of energy either psychological or physical? Quite simply: identify and experience.  This process is accomplished though meditation.

As with any great endeavour or worthwhile achievement, effort is required on the part of the seeker after knowledge. The sum total of this effort can be considered as the constant evolution and perpetual state of modification and adaptation of consciousness we refer to as the Path; also referred to as the Path of Return.


The Path

“The Path is, therefore, a path on which steady expansion of consciousness is undergone with resulting increasing sensitivity to the higher vibrations; and marks that period in the life of a man when he definitely sets himself on the side of the forces of evolution, and works at the building of his own character.” A.A.Bailey

Who walks the path? It is the soul that incarnates life after life, - "experiencing, experimenting, and expressing" all facets of life and every state of consciousness, until he has finally liberated himself from any karmic obligations that hold him in the earthly realms. What aspect of our being is the “conscious” entity?

What role does the personality play? In relation to the soul? In relation to the evolving path? What does it mean, "to become the path"? Can you relate this to the idea of "identifying" as mentioned previously?

"Before a man can tread the Path he must become that Path himself". We could express this differently by saying we don't go to heaven; we grow to heaven. The path can be considered from the macrocosmic point of view as the story of life itself evolving through all the kingdoms in nature; and from the microcosmic perspective as the ever moving Journey of the individual, including all his experiences and experiments, which results in the gradual revelation of the true potential and purpose of man himself.

The Science of the Antahkarana is the science of the construction or evolution, of the thread of consciousness, from below, the world of exoteric phenomenon, upwards into the world of the subjective realities, or the realm of the soul, and eventually, beyond, to the highest aspect of the human unit, the Monad.  The goal of all aspirants and seekers is to become aware of this stream of energy and consciously employ these energies for self-unfoldment and eventually in the service of the plan for humanity.  It is through this true occult bridge that the aspirant succeeds in building, out of mental substance, that alignment which, when completed, will allow a flow or interplay between the brain, the mind, and the soul. The result of this work is demonstrated as a soul-illumined, integrated personality. Education in the coming years will be based on this study of the mind, the science of the Antahkarana. After the "rainbow bridge" has been built, further work proceeds to connect the soul with yet other deeper levels within referred to as the spiritual triad.  The soul is one of three aspects of the Spiritual Triad – the highest manas.  The spiritual triad can be considered the threefold expression of the life of the monad, just as the personality is considered as the triple expression of the soul.  It may be wise at this time to show pictorially the constitution of man as evoked by ageless wisdom.




The Three Major Aspects of Man


 I.   The MONAD          (Pure Spirit, “the Father Who Art in Heaven”)


This aspect reflects the Trinity of the Godhead as:

                               1. Will                           The Father

                               2. Love                         The Son

                               3. Intelligence                The Holy Spirit


                               The Monad reflects itself again as:



II.   The EGO                   (The Higher Self, the Individuality)


This is the Spiritual Triad reflected as:

                               1. Atma                        Spiritual Will

                               2. Buddhi                      The Christ Principle

                               3. Manas Higher             Abstract Mind – lowest level of the Soul


                               The Ego reflects itself again as:



III.  The PERSONALITY         (The Lower Self, the Physical Plane Man)


The three lower worlds consisting of:

                               1. Mental Body             Manas Lower

                               2. Emotional Body         Astral Body (Kama)

                               3. Physical Body           Physical & Etheric bodies



Diagram 1


I DIVINE                                      LOGOS

The FIRST Cosmic Etheric Plane - Plane of ADI or pure Spirit


II MONADIC                               MONAD

The SECOND Cosmic Etheric Plane

The three aspects of the Monad: Atmic – Buddhic – Manasic as reflected in the Spiritual Triad


III ATMIC                                                       SPIRITUAL TRIAD                       

The THIRD Cosmic Etheric Plane - Spiritual Plane - Nirvanic


IV BUDDHIC                                                  SPIRITUAL TRIAD

The FOURTH Cosmic Etheric Plane - Solar Angel – Intuitional Plane


V MANASIC HIGHER                                   SPIRITUAL TRIAD

The Cosmic GASEOUS Plane - Egoic – Higher Mental Plane


NOTE: This is the Lowest Plane of the SOUL - Higher Mind - the plane touched in meditation

     MANASIC LOWER                                                      PERSONALITY

The Cosmic GASEOUS Plane - Egoic – Lower Mental Plane


VI ASTRAL                                                                        PERSONALITY

The Cosmic LIQUID Plane - Emotional Plane


VII PHYSICAL                                                                   PERSONALITY

The Cosmic DENSE Plane - Physical & Etheric Plane


Diagram 2


The Personality is a reflection of the Spiritual Triad as the Spiritual Triad is a reflection of the Monad.

NOTE: Each Plane shown above is further divided into seven sub-planes.  These Seven planes constitute the seven sub-planes of the lowest physical sub-plane of the cosmic planes beyond our solar system.

The Plane whereon we exist is the first or Cosmic Physical Plane. This is divided into seven sub-planes, each corresponding to one of the major planes. Each sub-plane is further divided into seven more planes.


The Cosmic Physical Plane
I    Atomic First Etheric Sense of Smell
II   Sub-atomic Second Etheric Sense of Taste
III Super-Etheric Third Etheric Sense of Sight
IV Etheric Fourth Etheric Sense of Touch
V Gaseous The Mental Plane Sense of Hearing
VI Liquid Astral Plane Plane of Emotions
VII Dense Physical Body Includes etheric/electromagnetic body
(** Liquid & dense are below the threshold of human evolution)

Diagram 3


Each sub-plane, from the solid to the atomic, is less dense, and subtler than the one below it.  While everyone is very well acquainted with the first three sub-planes, few people have had conscious contact with the etheric and super-etheric, and only a small fraction of humanity (seers and some scientists, etc.,) are aware of the sub-atomic and atomic planes. Atomic here does not have the same connotation as is normally applied to the term.  As we expand our awareness of these planes, we do so through developing the bridge of consciousness, called "the rainbow bridge" (Antahkarana), built by the earnest seeker out of his own efforts to control the emotions and discipline the mind, and live a dedicated life of service to humanity.


Each of the familiar senses of the physical plane has its corresponding sense in the astral plane, and also on the mental plane.  The astral body is as “real” as the physical and is used by the soul to express and experience on that level of the cosmos.  The same analogy applies to the mental body – it is a vehicle of expression and experience on its level for the soul.


Physical Body Emotional (Astral) Body Mental Body
-- -- Spiritual telepathy
-- -- Response to group vibration
Smell Emotional idealism Spiritual discernment
Taste Imagination Discrimination
Sight Clairvoyance Higher clairvoyance
Touch Psychometry Planetary psychometry
Hearing Clairaudience Higher clairaudience

Diagram 3

Science of Meditation

"This is the path to be trodden by one and all, and the method is meditation.  The goal is perfect love and wisdom...the reward is the continuous expansion of consciousness that puts a man eventually en rapport with his own Ego (soul), …with the Master …with fellow disciples and more advanced Initiates …till finally - …the One Initiator, ...and (he) knows the mystery that underlies consciousness itself."  A.A.Bailey

The Science of Meditation is at present associated in the minds of men with strictly religious matters.  But in reality this science can be considered as preparatory to the science of the Antahkarana and can be applied to every possible life process. Here is an example of how science and religion are merging: the outer exoteric realities are synthesizing with the inner subjective life in a demonstration of unity, both in purpose and in fact Spirit and matter are one. Matter, has been demonstrated to be energy and substance simultaneously. So the physicist is in process of becoming the esotericist. Let us not forget, that the ultimate goal of the practice of meditation is to make a permanent connection to the higher reaches of our being for the purpose of bringing "down into manifestation" or anchoring on earth the values and principles contacted in the spiritual worlds. If there is no creative expression of the energies sensed, then the meditation, though not entirely futile, remains purely mystical and lacks the potency to achieve lasting results. We must live the life of "study, meditation, and service". Study: to improve the mental equipment and discipline of the aspirant; meditation: to develop and assist in the building of the "rainbow bridge" (the Antahkarana), the bridge of consciousness, into the 5th kingdom, the kingdom of the soul; and finally; service: without which no progress into the spiritual world is possible. 

Why is service so critical to spiritual growth? How does one render service? What is the "thread of consciousness" and how it is alive our life right now.  Think of examples from your own experience.

Initiations (expansions of consciousness)

The path of the soul on its journey through the evolutionary cycle can be described as a series of expansions of consciousness, highlighted on the way by certain momentous growths in experience referred to as initiations.  It is the soul itself that incarnates life after life, and these initiations mark the degree to which the soul has perfected the control over its vehicles of manifestation, vehicles for expressing and experiencing in the lower three worlds (physical, astral, and mental).

When these three are integrated and functioning as a coordinated unit we call this synthesis – “the personality”. The Antahkarana (the "rainbow bridge") is the link between the personality and the soul; and later, this continuation of the bridge links the soul to the monad.

There are five major initiations or stages of conscious unfoldment corresponding to one of each of the vehicles of expression for the monad.  The first three concern the soul and its life experience in the lower three planes of the Cosmic Physical plane - the plane of the outer expression of the planetary being or Logos.


First Initiation

The first initiation marks a certain degree of attainment by the indwelling Entity over the physical appetites and indicates that a germ of soul life has been brought into functioning existence.  This is symbolized in the Biblical account of the life of Jesus - as the birth experience at Bethlehem. In the life of the aspirant, signs of having taken the "birth of the Christ consciousness in the cave of the heart” will be evidenced in his life as an increased sense of responsibility, and a totally new orientation towards his conscious perception of life.  "All true aspirants have taken the first initiation. This fact is indicated by their intensive struggle to grow into the spiritual life, to follow the way of determined orientation to things of the spirit, and to live by the light of that spirit.” A.A.Bailey

Second Initiation

Just as at the first initiation where significant control over the dense physical has been demonstrated, so at the second initiation, a measure of integration of the astral (emotional) energies has taken place.  Again the Biblical account of the life of Jesus has preserved this esoteric tradition in symbolic form as the act of John baptizing Jesus with water, symbolizing the astral energies. Where the first evolutionary crisis point in the long journey of the soul marked the consummation of the physical appetites, now the aspirant will be faced with bringing the astral or emotional tides of his life into submission and becomes capable of expressing the desires of the soul. He will learn through pain and experiment to dispel glamour and will have to begin to master the mind in preparation for the next step. The period after the first and in preparation for the second initiation is perhaps the most challenging in the life of a disciple. "The storm aroused by his emotional nature, the dark clouds and mists in which he constantly walks, and which he has created throughout the entire cycle of incarnated living, have all to be cleared away in order that the initiate can say that - for him - the astral plane no longer exists, all that remains is ... a form through which divine love can flow without impediment.” Nevertheless, the work goes on, and the emotions are gradually brought under control, and as the light of the soul continues to pour into the life of the occasionally overwhelmed aspirant, so does a vision of the future possibilities gradually dawn in the consciousness of the disciple, affording renewed hope and determination.

Third Initiation

The period preceding the third initiation is one of mental development wherein the disciple learns the lessons of thoughtform building and the meaning of Transfiguration.  The first two initiations can be taken without the conscious awareness or participation of the applicant and with the Christ acting as the one wielding the "rod of initiation"; the third is taken in full conscious awareness.  But this time it is Sanat Kumara ("The Lord of the World, the One Initiator, He Who is called in the Bible "the Ancient of Days"; Who - from His throne at Shamballa in the Gobi desert, presides over the lodge of Masters, [Hierarchy - the spiritual government of our planet), that wields the "rod of initiation" and acts as the mouthpiece or agent for the Planetary Logos (the great Being who ensouls our planet).

The now soul-infused personality is flooded with light from deep within his being, emanating from the monadic level, and has earned the right to act as representative of the spiritual Hierarchy. At this time also, the work of creating clear and potent thought forms in the three lower worlds can be entrusted to the dedicated and selfless world disciple. The Bible testifies to this transfiguration of Jesus as experienced on Mt. Golgotha and witnessed by his three disciples (who represent the three lower bodies of the personality; recall that they fell asleep or in other words were not able to be consciously part of the expansion of awareness as experienced by Jesus). The only way to enter the Fifth Kingdom, the kingdom of the souls, is to rise above the emotional and the lower mental, to the highest three sub-planes of the mental or Manasic plane. At this stage we become Transfigured, because we are in the world but not of it. The soul, operating from the manasic or higher mental, now can use its purified and prepared vehicles for expression in the three worlds. This is the soul-infused personality who stands ready to actively participate in selfless world service.

Fourth Initiation

“The life of the man who takes the fourth initiation, or the Crucifixion, is usually one of great sacrifice and suffering.  It is the life of the man who makes the Great Renunciation. Even exoterically it is seen to be strenuous, hard, and painful. He has laid all, even his perfected personality, upon the altar of sacrifice. All is renounced friends, money, reputation, character, standing in the world, family, and even life itself.”  A. A. Bailey.

As the name suggests, this initiation has been preserved for us in the New Testaments and is symbolized by the crucifixion of Jesus. At this time, we are told, Jesus, who entered his life as a third degree initiate, took the fourth initiation, and the Planetary “Christ” took the sixth initiation.  It was the Christ that from the time of the baptism used the vehicle provided by Jesus and, through the teachings and numerous demonstrations, thus anchored the energies needed at that time in world history. At this point in the life of a disciple he can say, “I and the Father are one”.  It should be pointed out that it is the soul that is crucified; it is not the man. The causal body disappears. The man is now monadically conscious - a consciousness that still preserves identity yet is merged in the whole.

Fifth Initiation

One more significant event captures the destiny of man with respect to his unfoldment of consciousness. That is the fifth initiation, called the Resurrection in our Biblical story.  Again the symbolism afforded us of the emergence of Jesus from the tomb of darkness (matter) and His entrance into a world of light (spirit), attempts to present the teachings which for us, without benefit of this revelation, can only be described as mysterious. From the height now achieved, the initiate stands free of the karma of the wheel of rebirth. He is liberated from all that once bound Him to live and experience in the lower worlds so familiar to us. He is called a Master of the Wisdom because He has touched every state of consciousness and has mastered those energies.  He no longer needs to incarnate.



In closing this section let the reader consider the following mantrams, read as if the soul were expressing though a cleansed and co-operating personality:



























The Plan

One cannot look up at myriads of galaxies and stars in the clear night sky, or turn the attention to the tiniest bud breaking through the soil into the light of day for the first time, and not be touched by the realisation that we find ourselves in a universe of tremendous order and rhythm.  From the perfume radiated by an unnoticed flower, to the song of the birds in flight, to the eerie sounds emitted by the largest galaxy, to the magic of the life of each tiny particle within the atom, there is demonstrated unfathomable precision and beauty.  There is undeniably an organizing principle and pattern to which this evolutionary scheme is responding.  There are universal laws, some of which man has, at least to date, been able to discover, that seem unchanging and constant throughout the universe.  Poets, painters, writers and scientists throughout man’s history have all shared the same awe and sat in wonder as the morning dawn breaks across the horizon.  Have we not all of us asked "Why?" at some time in our 1ives?

"The one thing which humanity needs today is the realization that there IS a Plan which is definitely working out through all world happenings, and that all that has occurred in man's historical past, and all that has happened lately, is assuredly in line with that Plan.”  A.A.Bailey

The whole concept of a plan naturally presupposes the idea that there exist Those who are responsible for the originating and implementation of such a plan.  And, it also suggests a place for all beings, or perhaps more appropriately, a purpose, for all levels of manifestation.

Let's look now at what has been preserved of this heritage, through the teachings that reach us from the past. Firstly, as was mentioned earlier, we are essentially dealing with the continuous expansion of consciousness leading to revelations of a nature incomprehensible to us at this stage of unfoldment. The creation and evolution of this entire universe has been done through the power of thought, or in other words, controlled meditation. Since it is beyond our comprehension to fathom the purpose of "He of Whom Naught May Be Said", let us concentrate on our own Planetary Logos and consider that portion of the plan within this "Ring-pass-not" of consciousness. The personality aspect of the Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, acts as head of the members of the Council Chamber at Shamballa,  (the source of all life in our planetary scheme), and is the agency through which the Will of the Planetary and Solar Logos are transmitted into the diverse realms of our planet. The combined spiritual resources of the council chamber, under the direction of the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, collectively formulate the Plan for humanity. They in their turn receive impressions from more advanced cosmic beings such as our Solar Logos and beyond. A relationship exists between the Solar Logos and the Planetary Logos similar to the Planetary Logos and the average man - from the evolutionary standpoint that is. Our Planetary Logos together with the other Planetary Beings in our solar system form the body of expression and experience of the Solar Logos.


The Divine Plan


Solar ideas and thought forms
Planetary Logos
Lord of the World
Council Chamber at Shamballa
Initiates and Disciples
¯          ¯          ¯
Animal      Vegetable      Mineral
Kingdom      Kingdom       Kingdom



The preceding diagram shows more clearly the stepping down process that is involved in the manifesting of the Will of the Solar Logos.  Each step depends on the receptivity of the agency or vehicle being used. And each successive stage in the manifestation of Cosmic Ideas and Purpose brings the highest Truths closer to expression on Earth and in our lives. During this stepping down it has lost much of the original beauty, but each individual can if acting according to the highest principles or thoughts, adapt this to public use, and be employed as part of the progression of materialization of the "Plan on Earth".

The Plan as we can relate to it, is held in the minds of the Masters of the Wisdom (Hierarchy), and their senior disciples, and there await those advanced people of the "race of men" to attune to whatever portions are within their grasp, to that to which their mechanism is capable of responding. Here the now newly "discovered" ideas that spark the thinkers and idealists of the planet from time to time, finally become materialized in speech, written words, or perhaps some new invention. The entire Cosmic evolutionary process is dependent on those handful of dedicated individuals who finally sense the plan and are not only capable of touching the kingdom of the soul, but are willing to take the responsibility for eventually converting those sensed ideas into potent thought forms.  With careful analysis of this incredible process, it becomes clear why all are needed to complete the "great work". In order to be sensitive to the thought forms cast into the minds of men, an inner orientation has to be cultivated that is different from that usually pursued by the mass of men. This orientation prompts one to seek to identify with the quality behind the form, the soul in all, and begin to accept and channel the love that urges us on to newer and greater horizons of understanding.

The disciple, working as he does on mental levels, assists the Hierarchy by the forming of clear, well-constructed thought forms and the setting of high ideals. These thoughts and ideals are added to the general pool of energy that the mass of men can then draw upon for inspiration. Those thinkers and leaders of the race who are ready to respond to, and incorporate these patterns of energy into their normal everyday lives are performing a service not only to themselves, but to all the kingdoms in our scheme. Through meditation and study the dedicated student trains his mental equipment, and prepares his vehicles so as to be capable of receiving thoughts from the Masters. It is then through service that the energies are ultimately anchored, or made manifest. The Soul is the link between the lower concrete mind and the higher, abstract mental world. By consciously participating in the construction of the Antahkarana, the disciple is aiding in the planetary redemptive process. To stabilize the emotional life, and clarify the mental world, and finally to integrate the whole mechanism of the personality, is the task before the student who wishes to progress on the spiritual way.

Thus it can be seen that the path and the plan are but two facets of One expression. And man is inexorably positioned to participate in the imposition of a new rhythm upon himself, (a rhythm having its origin, as far as the personality is concerned, at soul levels) and consequently to express this higher order through his daily living and functioning in the three worlds on behalf of the Plan.


Soul-infused Personality

Let us look at what type of individual would be described by the term, soul-infused integrated personality.

These are the people who are beginning to form a new social order in the world.  They belong to no party or government, in the partisan sense. They recognize all parties, all creeds, and all social and economic organizations; they recognize all governments.  They are found in all nations and all religious organizations, and are occupied with the formulation of the new social order. They consider that the old methods of fighting and partisanship and attack, have utterly failed, and that the means hitherto employed on all sides, are out of date, having proved futile...They are occupied with the task of demonstrating “right human relations” by forming throughout the world - in every nation, city, and town - a grouping of people who have as clear and definite a platform and as practical a programme as any other single party in the world.  They take their stand on the essential divinity of man;  ...their programme is founded on goodwill, because it is a basic human characteristic. It is a group that has NO exoteric organization of any kind, no headquarters, no publicity, and no group name.  It is a band of workers, obedient to their own souls and to group need.  They are held together by an inner structure of thought and by a telepathic medium of interrelation. It is an attempt at an externalisation of the Hierarchy upon the physical plane, or a small working replica of this essentially subjective body...they must be willing to work without recognition, on the subjective levels...therefore free from all taint of ambition, of pride and of accomplishment.


New Group of World Servers

This comprehensive body of subjectively united souls has been referred to as the New Group of World Servers.  Together they stand as intermediaries between Hierarchy and Humanity, and thus all invocative pleas from Humanity, and the energies contacted, are channelled through this group. Recall again the chart showing the influx of divine energy, through the various mediums and agencies, including the line from Hierarchy to Humanity passing through the initiates and disciples of the world; the New Group of World Servers forms this planetary "rainbow bridge", or Antahkarana between the kingdom of souls and the world of men.  As the Christ is the head of Hierarchy, so it follows that the Christ is also the central point in this subjective network of dedicated souls.  Any individual who supports a universal theme of brotherhood and is living a life in accordance with this "radical", inner orientation can be counted as a member, even though there may be no conscious recognition of the fact.

The uninformed man on the street may be critical of the attitude displayed by such beings.  Because of the larger, more universal vision, his interests could easily pass over the "minor" problems the individual is experiencing. Because of the increased mental polarization and lack of uncontrolled emotionalism and his dedication to serve the greater whole, his actions can be misunderstood, although he will do nothing to deliberately promote separateness.  But this does not deter him, for his vision is becoming clearer, and in his heart he knows he is not alone.

The work of the New Group of World Servers is essentially to prepare humanity for the reappearance of the Christ; the raising of the awareness or consciousness will do this. For it is only through the higher mental and soul levels that the spiritual realms and realities can be contacted, so there the work must be accomplished. He lives in the world, but is not of it. He senses a portion of the plan, and strives to do his part.

Every day, as part of the recognition of the cyclic nature of the energies we deal with, and as a means of strengthening the spiritual potency and inner synthesis of this emerging group, men and women of goodwill link up in thought every day at 5 o'clock, local time. It can be done in a few seconds wherever one may be. It is sometimes called "the mantram of the new group of world servers", and is said silently and with focussed attention.


May the power of the One Life

pour through the group of all true servers.


May the Love of the One Soul

characterize the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.


May I fulfill my part in the One Work

through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech.


The Great Invocation

No introduction to the world of energies or esoterics in general could be complete without a description and explanation of that most potent of world mantrams, The Great Invocation.

The Great Invocation was first given out and used in 1945 and since that date has become familiar to millions of people all over the world, and is used daily by them. This world prayer expresses truths central to all major religions and is based on the true and inner unity of all religions and philosophies which millions today accept. Through the use of the Invocation men and women of goodwill can achieve a unity that transcends all differences of outer belief. Their combined and daily invocation and prayer to divinity creates an open channel into human consciousness through which spiritual energies flow to heal and rebuild a troubled world.

Since it was first given out, the Invocation has spread to all parts of the globe, using every possible means of communication. It belongs to no group or religion, but is universal in its appeal and use. The Invocation links certain great planetary centers in one grand relationship.  It unites Shamballa (planetary center of purpose or Will) to Hierarchy (center of Love, with the Christ as the Heart center), and to Humanity, (as the expression of the manifestation of Will and Love on earth). These form one great triangle of Light, Love, and Power. Its use by increasingly countless numbers of people throughout our planet is a guarantee that the "One in Whom We Live and Move and have our Being" is being provided the channels necessary to anchor the divine energies and "restore the Plan on Earth". This invocation can be used alone, but becomes increasingly potent when used by groups, especially during periods when cyclical energies are at their peak, such as full moon festivals.
























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